Prevent Window Strikes

 WindowAlert™ Saves Birds Lives

We lose approximately One Billion wild birds each year to window collision in the US and Canada.  Help reduce the number of deaths by using WindowAlert™ on your window and they don't detract from the beauty of your home or office.

Why do birds hit the windows anyway? 

  • They see their natural habitat in the window and don't see the window as a barrier.
  • Migratory birds flying at night migrate towards the city lights. This has caused major bird loses when they hit buildings.
  • Birds may also hit windows when fleeing from a predator.

Did you know that even when a wild bird hits a window and can fly away, it still may be injured? Most bird's bones are hollow or semi-hollow and are attached to a vital organ(s).

Make your backyard a safe habitat for your backyard birds by using WindowAlert™ or another method to break up the window reflection.